MichaelCoin new craze?

Today, the current price of MichaelCoin has x10 after an interview on Elon Musk, which has stated, “Man, retards who all-in MichaelCoin makes me want to YOLO my life savings, eh fuck it.” This started an outrage online with supporters claiming, “DADDY ELON BRING MICHAELCOIN TO THE MOON #MICHAELCOIN #YOLO.” On the other hand, critics, such as Jim Cramer states, “It’s literally the fucking same as MinhCoin. This shit is going to be pumped, dumped, and investigated.” MinhStreetBets, a famous subreddit community, known for taking part in the MinhCoin scandal has unanimously agreed to take part with Elon Musk in MichaelCoin as well. “WE JUST LIKE THE COIN” stated from one of the posts from MinhStreetBets, from user Minhautist69420LaosGirlLover. Everyone at our team is currently buying in on this craze as well, claiming it will indeed, go to the moon


As of July 15th, 2021, at 11:25 P.M, MinhCoin has been officially delisted by the SEC. An official statement from SEC commissioner, Gary Gensler has been released. “After a thorough investigation conducted on MinhCoin, we have concluded that it is fraudulent on the accounts of being a pump and dump…

MinhCoin in trouble?

After recent news with the SaveTheKids Coin scandal by fellow Faze members and influencer Ricegum, the SEC has decided to crack down on pump and dumps, with the first example being MinhCoin. After trading at $550.11 last week, it has dropped to an average of $13.42 per MinhCoin and has…

MinhCoin being pumped and dumped

MinhCoin, which was a new hot and coming coin, is based on creating a blockchain using Minh’s hairline. This is done by Minh’s every individual hairline using its processing power in order to keep a ledger for every transaction that has occurred. For every extreme computational algorithm that Minh’s hairline…

MinhCoin to the Moon?
MinhCoin to the Moon?

A shocking revelation has been revealed and published. It’s finally happening, the almighty God Minh has created a blockchain using his hairline. We interviewed Minh when he first publicly listed his coin on his own special exchange, named “Minh’s Exchange” where their motto is “Your loss is our gain”. Minh’s…

Minh's Son

Reporting for duty

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