As of July 15th, 2021, at 11:25 P.M, MinhCoin has been officially delisted by the SEC. An official statement from SEC commissioner, Gary Gensler has been released. “After a thorough investigation conducted on MinhCoin, we have concluded that it is fraudulent on the accounts of being a pump and dump scheme. This was extremely apparent as in reality, as the drastically dropped over 150% in a span of a couple of days. As we tried to get evidence for this investigation, the creator, Minh Nguyen has tried every way to obstruct progress. This includes not sharing the transactions from the blockchains on his hairline as well as bursting into a sprint at Mach 10 speeds every time our investigators tried to confront him. His whereabouts are a mystery at the moment, but we will avail many efforts as we attempt to track him down and bring him to justice. Any anonymous tips will be beneficial to our overall manhunt and will be graciously rewarded for Minh’s whereabouts. Sadly, we are unable to retrieve assets and money lost to this scandal as this coin was bought off of a brokerage that was also run by Minh. As the SEC, we will file a lawsuit on investor’s behalf in order to claim stolen money and assets when we bring Minh to justice.” Furthermore, we approached Minh’s brother, Michael, to get his opinion on this, which he happily obliged to. “Uh yeah, my brother did a very bad thing in this world. Not worry, I do better than him, check out MichaelCoin, very fresh, high volume, lots of volatility. The coin logo might look the same as my brother’s but it different by 1 pixel! I pinky promise not to do same thing as him and you make lots of money hehe!” Right now, MichaelCoin is traded at $1,065 and is rapidly spiking up and down. We will further update our readers who are looking to invest in MichaelCoin as the story further develops



Reporting for duty

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