MinhCoin Pump and Dump??

MinhCoin being pumped and dumped

MinhCoin, which was a new hot and coming coin, is based on creating a blockchain using Minh’s hairline. This is done by Minh’s every individual hairline using its processing power in order to keep a ledger for every transaction that has occurred. For every extreme computational algorithm that Minh’s hairline has to perform, he is rewarded with 1,000,000 MinhCoin. This results in keeping Minh happy and provides integrity for the entire cryptocurrency itself. This coin was currently traded around a line of support at $390.86 and $790.31 as its resistance has recently been driven down to just $52.21 at the current time of writing this article. Initially, there was a lot of buying power and a breakout to $1,000 was promising. Eventually, the bears took matters into their own hands and drove down the price with immense selling pressure. After interviewing Minh and receiving logs of each individual transaction, it seems to be around 8–10 P.M where most transactions happened. Two unique users started to buy a lot of MinhCoin, which led to a specific individual, with the same wallet address of, “844338050213609532” decided to sell off over 100 billion MinhCoins, which cause the price to drastically plummet. Other holders of MinhCoin seem very uncertain of the future. As we visited Minh for a statement, we arrived at his house with a big U-HALL parked out in front, wheeling in as it seems to be a bunch of mini-fridges that grew increasingly in size. From there, we met the almighty God himself, which spoke with us. “Uhhh I don’t know who sold that much MinhCoin, you must be lookin for my brotha Michael. I don’t like the MinhCoin right now, but I might like it later!” From there, he got distracted and showed us his collection of fake golden watches. Jim Cramer, a television personality had a whole statement on this whole fiasco, “Let me tell you something about the field of crypto. Although it’s exciting seeing it go up and down like a rollercoaster, you have to realize something. It’s unregulated. This is what happens when you trust a man whose mission statement is, ‘MinhCoin to the Moon?’ Like come on, for me, it sounds like a lunatic who is thirsty to find the next GME…” Following this fiasco, there have been rumors that the SEC might investigate MinhCoin, which could scare off further investors as it is highly likely MinhCoin might be blacklisted. This future does not look promising for MinhCoin investors.



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